Everyone has a story…

is not just a quote or cliche to Jennifer Michelle. Everyone has a story and when embraced and shared with others, ones story can be the positive change needed.

Jennifer shares her story with models, men and women alike, for impact and purpose. Her love for fashion and the modeling industry provides a platform for Jennifer to speak to others about self love, confidence and embracing their individual differences.

When Jennifer is not speaking with men, women and children in the fashion industry, she shares her faith and love for GOD with all who need encouragement and support.

Jennifer has been a speaker at Women’s Conferences, Empowerment Brunches, Business Conferences and Panel Discussions and more! Her transparency continues to touch the hearts of those who hear the words spoken from her soul.

Jennifer has battled back from major financial, mental. emotional and physical setbacks and loss to be a testament of hope. Her goal is to give hope to teenage mothers who think the odds are too high. Jennifer wants men and women who battle with mental illness to see they too can live a life of peace and happiness.

Jennifer is a woman of power, purpose and passion for helping others live their greatest lives. Contact Jennifer today for your speaking engagements, panel discussions and interviews.



Mt. Peace Baptist Church Women’s Day Speaker, Empowering Todays Woman

The Brand Ambassador Panelist, Confidence in Competition

The Transformation Conference Speaker, Transforming Your Mind to Change Your World

Triple Threat Panel Panelist, Scaling Your Business

Stiletto Boss University, Speaker Self Confidence & Marketing Yourself

GOLEN Women’s Empowerment Brunch Speaker, Confidence to Try Again

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Speaker, The REAL You Confidence Challenge

Shifting the Plan Podcast Guest, Not Just A Pretty Face

The Confidence Model Workshop, Confidently Speaking

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Women’s Day Speaker, Faith in Famine


$500/night Sun – Thu
$550/night Fri – Sat

$250/night Sun – Thu
$325/night Fri – Sat




Transparent and impactful.

“When I asked Jennifer to come speak during our Women’s Day Service, I knew she would do a great job. What I didn’t realize is how powerful her words would be when speaking on our theme. Although it was a Women’s Day service she spoke words of life for all to practice. She was amazing. Her transparency was impactful. We will have Jennifer back to speak again for us on Sunday morning.”

— Pastor Terry, Mt. Peace Baptist

Relatable and real!

“Those are the words the girls from our workshop used when talking about Ms Jennifer. Jennifer has this natural ability to connect with young women and let them know their lives are just as important and they are just as beautiful as she is. Our girls are not the easiest to reach but Jennifer came in, connected and changed their minds with one session. We look forward to having her with us again”

— Golen G., CEO

As real as it gets!

“Jennifer is as honest and real as it gets. I attended a model workshop she spoke at and couldn’t believe someone as successful as her struggled with depression like me. Most celebrities want to make you think things are always good but Jennifer kept it 100. She made me feel like life would get better and that nothing was too hard to keep going.”

— Anonymous, Model



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