Fab Five Fall Trends

Season 1, Episode 5

Jennifer celebrates the 5 year anniversary of Everyday Runway with the latest in Fab Fall Trends. 

Five years.


We have covered fashion from North Carolina to New York and it has been such a ride!

For this episode I wanted to go back to where it all started and work my way to the moment we filmed this.

JC Penney was so gracious to provide a look just like they did in 2013. Designer Joel Bang joined me to talk about his signature style and collection. Moon Bloem boutique provided vintage looks to satisfy my appetite for one of kind looks found in the cutest shops in town.

To be celebrating five years is a major moment for me. The idea was birthed, nurtured and continues to grow! I am excited to see what will happen in the next five years with Everyday Runway.



What is your favorite fall trend? Are you in love with patters, layers and colors?

Are you a fan of vintage looks or do you prefer a modern look?

Thank you to our sponsors, production team and models.

You are all Everyday Runway Approved!