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industry terms

Here are a few of the industry terms you should become familiar with.  

TFP (Trade for pictures, products, exposure, credit)

Many models starting out will hear the term TFP.  It simply means you will do model work in exchange for pictures and/or products.  As a newbie in the industry this will be the standard from photographers.  They will offer to take your pictures so you both can build your portfolio. 

In the filming industry, you will be offered IMDB credit and a copy of the reel in exchange for your skills and talents.  If you are looking to build your resume, this is a great way to get onset and learn the lay of the land.

go sees 

Go Sees are the most extreme mix of fun and nervousness.  Go Sees are when you the model go to meet the designer or casting director for castings.  It is your opportunity to shine bright to book the job.  It is an interview where casting directors are looking for three things...

  • Personality
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence

Run of show

Run of Show is the BIG day! It is the day of your booked job.  You will spend all day at the venue preparing for the event.  It is very important you pay attention to show producers and model coordinators to ensure you are in the right place at the right time. Many hours are spent creating the lineups by the designer and/or boutiques.  Know where you are supposed to be for hair, makeup, dress rehearsal and show time!


Stats are your physical measurements and sizes.  Also called numbers, casting directors and designers need to know your numbers.  Every model should know their measurements and sizes.  If you are unsure, visit a local lingerie shop or high end retailer to measure you.  Never lie about your measurements.  Professionals understand your body changes and would rather know ahead of time.  Give them the right digits.


eCard is an electronic comp card.  Composite cards are still requested/required by many agencies, casting directors and show producers.  If you do not have a printed comp card you will be asked to provide a photo and e-card.  Be sure to have your e-card saved to your Dropbox, iCloud or Drive folder.  Always be prepared.

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