Have you ever dreamed of being on the runway or opening a magazine and seeing your face on the pages?  Do you want to start modeling but you have no idea where to start and what to do first? 

During your one on one coaching session we will discuss the business of the modeling industry, how to get started in modeling and techniques for the runway and photo shoots.

Coaching sessions are designed to educate for life on and off the runway.  Based on your initial assessment, we discuss your previous modeling experience, your interest in the industry, and develop a strategy to get you there.

Take our client Lulu for example.  She couldn't walk in heels when she contacted me.  I advised her mom on the type of shoe to purchase for our first coaching session.  When we finally met in person, i showed her how to walk in shoes.  Our second session focused on proper technique.  Walking is not easy when we have been doing it wrong. By our third session Lulu was ready for her upcoming casting call.  The rest is fashion history! 

Listen to her testimony below.


Don’t miss YOUR opportunity to finally get the answers and training you need to be Runway Ready! 

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