Mount Up and ClutchIt!

This powerful magnetic mount has officially changed the game offering a hands-free experience for phone and tablet users alike. 

When I saw the Clutchit I wondered how and if it would work. I wondered if it would live up to the hype and finally be the only tripod or phone mount needed for recording my videos.

Let's stop wondering and get to the matter at hand, using a magnet to hold my phone (and many other things).

Clutchit unpacking.  

The cutest little box arrived with the ClutchIt magnetic mount inside. When I opened the box it contained the Clutchit, a large magnet and three small magnets.  After toying around with it for a few minutes I finally realized what each part was for.  The smaller magnets are for the electronics you will be using. Keep reading for my how-to tips on installation and taking your ClutchIt with you. 


Clutchit assembly and installation.

With the magnetic mount sitting on the table I attached the large magnet to a door and added a smaller magnet to the back of my phone case. In essence that’s all you have to do BUT...I wasn’t a fan of having to use the large magnet in one location.  The large red magnet is considered your base and is extremely difficult to remove once installed. Place it in an area you will be using the mount frequently. 

Once you install it, that’s it. Be very careful and intentional about where you want to install the large magnet. You only get one per order. Mine is still in the bathroom for my makeup tutorials. 

Clutchit use

The important thing to remember is the mount is magnetic and will attach to anything metal! I have walked around with my Clutchit and used it on everything metal.  

The smaller magnet on the back of your phone case will attach to the phone mount.



Catawba Brewery provided the perfect metal table for my Clutchit phone mount. 

The other end of the ClutchIt phone mount attaches to metal and can be maneuvered to capture photos and video in landscape or portrait mode.

Once your phone is securely in place, set your timer or use your remote to start capturing the moments. Group photos, selfies, videos, and portraits can be done with ease.

If you’re like me and don’t like being restricted to one area this mount will set you free.

Mentioning being set free, I will quickly discuss how easy it is to detach the mount and carry it with you.

To detach it from the mount simply turn your phone or tablet 45 degrees and your Clutchit is mobile again  I take mine from the bathroom mirror and stash it in my purse to be used at events, shoots and filming.

 Clutchit rating

Clutchit is #EverydayRunwayApproved!

Clutchit can be mounted anywhere; in your car using the large magnet and Clutchit car vent, at home or out and about attaching to other metal objects. As long as it’s metal and the base fits, it will Clutchit!

Although it is a tad bit heavier than my tripod and most phone mounts I am giving Cluthit the stamp of approval.  It’s heavier because it is made from sturdy products and materials. 

Now here’s your chance to ditch the selfie stick and mount up with Clutchit. Click below to get your Clutchit magnetic mount and start your photography and video journaling.  Remember the mount works with phones and tablets, can be used to hold your keys and so much more!

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What’s better than a state of the art, high-quality phone mount? Getting the Clutchit magnetic mount for 30% off and taking it everywhere you go!

Never miss another moment trying to hold a selfie stick or position a tripod.

CLUTCHIT and go!