Rejuva Flawless Foundation Delivers Flawlessly!

Foundation, by definition for my everyday women, is makeup applied to the face to create an even look.  With all of the brands available, techniques and applicators, finding the perfect foundation for your skin can be tricky.

If you're like me, you know your skin well enough to know what it likes and what it cannot deal with as soon as it touches your face.  Throughout my years on and off the runway, I have had breakouts from the makeup used on my face.  After learning what my face liked I started treating it to specific products. 

I was introduced to REJUVA Minerals in June and fell in love with them, and their Baked Blush. immediately.  Cranfusion arrived in the prettiest packaging and quickly became my #EverydayRunway favorite blush. Not because of the packaging but because of their products are cruelty-free, toxin free and organic  Read more about it here when you finish reading about my new foundation from Rejuva.


As I mentioned, Rejuva products are natural and chemical free.  These are just a few of the key factors when I am decided to give Rejuva Flawless Finish Cream Foundation a try.  With complimentary shades for my skin tone, it was easy enough for me to pick one and have it shipped to me.  

The arrival of my Rejuva products are always on time.  It's as if they know my schedule and when I have an event coming up. I received my Caramel foundation on Friday and set it aside for application the next day.  As always, the packaging and product branding was another detail letting me know the product was worth its weight in this heavily saturated world of makeup. 

Because we are talking foundation, it is more important for me to show you how flawless my look was when I used my foundation.  The application was simple and easy using the enclosed applicator.  The cream foundation offered fuller coverage which is what I need when attending events where pictures will be taken or filming my TV show.  

After I applied my foundation and blush I wanted to see how it was working and took a quick selfie break.  I loved everything about it and the sun really showed how the foundation provided great coverage without looking heavy or caked on.

Excuse my eyelashes, I am still working to find the perfect mascara to give them a boost.

Excuse my eyelashes, I am still working to find the perfect mascara to give them a boost.

Off to my events I go.  First up blogging for the Glam the Runway Meet & Greet Brunch.  My mind automatically thinks, "oh my I hope my makeup looks as good outside the house as it did in the house!"

A quick selfie and we’re looking good.  


Tip:  When selecting a foundation you should look for products that are as natural as possible and can deliver the level of coverage you want. For light to medium coverage, Rejuva offers a powder foundation. For full coverage, try their flawless cream foundation. 

After receiving this photo from one of the photographers at my event I can confidently say Rejuva will be my new foundation! 

Flawless coverage happens when you can apply your foundation and your skin looks silky and smooth. I prefer a natural glam makeup look and Rejuva foundation gives the perfect amount of coverage.

Photo credits Barry Thompson

Photo credits Barry Thompson

From running to multiple events throughout the city to filming the next episode of Everyday Runway, Rejuva flawless finish cream foundation is built for the task! When my foundation doesn’t melt, run or cake up under the lights from filming it is #EverydayRunwayApproved!


It’s hard to believe a product delivering superior coverage is toxic and chemical free. Many of the Rejuva products are EWG Verified, Made Safe certified and have superior ratings on the Think Dirty app. To learn more about Rejuva and their vegan-friendly, titanium dioxide, and mica free products visit their website now.

First, Rejuva Baked Blush got the official stamp of approval. Now the Flawless Cream Foundation joins the list of Everyday Runway Approved products

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Rejuva Minerals Flawless Foundation and Baked Blush are #EverydayRunwayApproved after a day onset.

Rejuva Minerals Flawless Foundation and Baked Blush are #EverydayRunwayApproved after a day onset.