CHIC Backpack and Tote All In One...MotoChic is Everyday Runway Approved!


Very few things make me happier than multifunctional pieces in my closet. I’m talking a dress you can wear five ways multifunctional. A bracelet you can wear as a necklace or a cool reversible jacket. I thought I knew about all things multifunctional until I met Lauren. Lauren is one of the beautiful pieces offered from MOTOCHIC GEAR for “stylish women on the go” like myself.  

When my Lauren bag arrived I knew I would be carrying it every day! Why?

First, it’s super chic!  The motorcycle design aesthetic makes it the perfect bag for women like me who want style and function. It’s a conversation piece and rightly so because of the clean lines, zipper details, and reflective material.


Next, on my list of reasons why I love the Lauren bag, it’s functionality. Lauren is no ordinary bag. For my busy days running between shows, meetings and coaching sessions, Lauren serves as the perfect backpack. I throw it over my shoulders and bike it a couple of New York City blocks. When I reach the light rail, I transform it from backpack to stylish tote for my meetings. Multiple compartments and hidden pockets provide the space I need for my two phones, laptop, heels, three planners and favorite purple pins. Those are just my starter items.  I won't mention my favorite lip gloss, lip balm, and travel chargers to make sure my electronics keep up with me throughout the day are in my bag.


As if I couldn’t love the Lauren bag enough, the bag comes with it’s own protective rain gear built in! The weather in Charlotte has been unstable and unpredictable this summer. Thunderstorms pop up and I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to save my hair, clothes, purse and everything.inside. The Lauren bag has taken the worry away because I can open the secret compartment holding the rainfly and laptop, heels and phone are now safely tucked inside of the bag.

Ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect companion for your moto jacket this fall, now is the perfect time to purchase the Lauren bag.  


I’ve been carrying mine this summer and can tell you now, I will be carrying Lauren through the fall and winter months and right back into the spring and summer season! Made from sturdy material, the Lauren bag will make sure you’re Runway Ready for every event, meeting, school play, ball game, trip and night out in the town!


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